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How To Build a Dynamic Filter Selection Scroll View with CoreImage in SwiftUI

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7 min read In our previous post, we showed you how to build an Image Picker with the SwiftUI. Let’s continue on how to build a simple image filter that allows you to use CoreImage filter to add any image effect to a selected image from the image picker.

Posted on 08 Jan 24  

How to build a simple image picker with SwiftUI using UIViewRepresentable

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5 min read SwiftUI, does not have a native component for directly accessing the photo library or camera. The way to do it with SwiftUI is to use UIViewRepresentable — a SwiftUI protocol that acts as a bridge, allowing us to integrate UIKit’s robust components seamlessly into SwiftUI views. One of our previous tutorial of building a PDF […]

Posted on 05 Jan 24  

How to build a simple AI text to image iOS app with Stable Diffusion, Python and SwiftUI

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4 min read Stable Diffusion offers a way to generate image from text using AI or machine learning. The SDK is available only in Python at the time of this writing.

Posted on 09 Jan 23  

Convert SwiftUI view to an image, save or share it

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3 min read The iOS 16 has introduced a way to convert your SwiftUI views to image. Let’s look at how it can be done. ImageRenderer is a new class introduced in iOS 16 for SwiftUI, which you can easily generate an image for your SwiftUI view in just a few lines of code as below:

Posted on 06 Jan 23  

Simple tutorial on Solana Rust smart contract with Anchor framework

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4 min read Using the Serum’s Anchor framework to develop smart contract in Rust for the Solana blockchain is a much simpler approach than any other methods, especially when handling serialising and deserialising the data on-chain and adding some constraints for security checking etc.

Posted on 03 Mar 22  

Build a simple REST API with Golang, Gin and MySQL

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6 min read It’s super easy to build a REST API with Go and its Gin web framework. Here comes a simple tutorial on how to build a REST API that retrieves a list of products stored in the MySQL database by GET. And also it allows the adding of product to the database by using POST.

Posted on 07 Jan 22  

Jumpstart to Rust from a background of Swift, PHP, Java….

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3 min read Recently, I’ve got some interest to explore the Blockchain database which I’d need to write some smart contracts by the use of Rust programming language. As someone with a background of a number of programming languages such as Swift, PHP, JS & Java etc, I’ll tend to compare a new programming language that I’m going […]

Posted on 28 Aug 21  

How to create custom Shapes in SwiftUI

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6 min read SwiftUI comes with quite a number of built-in 2D shapes such as Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Capsule, RoundedRectangle etc. If all these are not enough to fulfil your needs, you can also create your own custom shapes by using Path

Posted on 04 May 21  

Handling sign in and sign out with FirebaseUI in SwiftUI – the MVVM way

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7 min read In the previous tutorial, we’ve learned how to add FirebaseUI to your Xcode project, how to present the FirebaseUI’s viewController in SwiftUI app using UIViewControllerRepresentable and how to deal with the various setups required by Google, FB etc for adding their respective sign-in capabilities to your SwiftUI apps.

Posted on 04 Apr 21  

Add Google OAuth, FB, Twitter sign-in with FirebaseUI in your SwiftUI app

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8 min read This is a tutorial on how to add sign in capabilities in your SwiftUI app by using Firebase and the FirebaseUI. FirebaseUI is built on top of FirebaseAuth which comes with a number of drop-in authentication solutions including sign-in with email, phone, Apple and a number of social networks including Google , Facebook, Twitter etc.

Posted on 27 Mar 21  
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